Shavasana (Corpse Pose)


Shavasana, also called Corpse Pose, is a relaxing yoga posture that involves lying on the back with the arms by the sides and palms facing upward. It is practiced to relax the body and mind, enhance body awareness, and encourage a sense of mental calmness.


  1. Lie on the back with arms about 15 cm away from the body, palms facing upward.
  2. Optionally, place a thin pillow or folded cloth behind the head for comfort.
  3. Feet slightly apart in a comfortable position, close the eyes.
  4. Head and spine in a straight line, avoid tilting to either side.
  5. Relax the entire body, refrain from physical movement.
  6. Become aware of the natural breath, let it become rhythmic and relaxed.
  7. After some time, become aware of the body and surroundings, release the posture gently.


  • Natural and relaxed breathing.
  • Optionally, count breaths from 27 backward to zero, mentally repeating the count during inhalation and exhalation


  • As per available time, longer durations are better.
  • Ideal before sleep, after asana practice, or when feeling mentally and physically tired.
  • A minute or two sufficient between asana practices.


  • Physical: Initially on whole-body relaxation, then on breath.
  • Spiritual: Focus on Ajna Chakra (between eyebrows).


  • Deep relaxation of the psycho-physiological system.
  • Ideal before sleep, during and after asana practice, and when feeling tired.
  • Enhances body awareness.
  • Develops mental awareness (pratyahara) when body is completely relaxed.
  • Can incorporate a personal mantra for added benefit.

Practice Note

  • Avoid any body movement during practice.
  • Also known as Mritasana (Dead Man’s Pose).
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