Akarna Dhanurasana

Pose Name : Akarna Dhanurasana (Bow and Arrow Pose)

Starting Position

  1. Stand upright with your feet at shoulder width and arms by your sides.

Pose Execution

  1. Take a small step forward with your right leg. Form a clenched fist with your right hand and lift the arm in front of your body, positioning it over the right foot and slightly above eye level.
  2. Create a clenched fist with your left hand and position it slightly behind the right fist.  
  3. Focus your gaze over the right fist as if you’re holding a bow and arrow, fixing your eyes on an imaginary target.  
  4. Inhale slowly and pull the left fist back towards your left ear, engaging both arms as if you’re drawing a bow. During this motion, allow your head to tilt slightly back, causing the neck muscles to tighten. Keep the left elbow at shoulder level.
  5. Exhale and simulate releasing an imaginary arrow. Relax your neck and bring the left fist forward to meet the right fist.
  6. Repeat this sequence 10 times on each side.


Inhale as you draw back the imaginary bowstring. Exhale as you release the bowstring and bring your hand forward.


Pay attention to the tension in your arms, visualize the imaginary target, and synchronize your breath with the movements.


Akarna Dhanurasana targets the shoulder muscles and engages the deeper neck and shoulder blade muscles. These muscles are often overlooked, and their tension increases stiffness and discomfort. This pose’s alternating contraction and relaxation promote smoother energy flow and muscle relaxation. This asana is particularly beneficial for individuals with poor posture, cervical spondylitis, writer’s cramp, and shoulder or arm stiffness.

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