Garudasana (Eagle Pose)


Garudasana, also known as the Eagle Pose, is a yoga posture that involves balancing on one leg while twisting the arms around each other, resembling an eagle’s pose. It offers benefits for concentration, muscle strength, joint flexibility, and the upper back.


  1. Begin in a standing position, focusing on a fixed point.
  2. Bend the right leg and wrap it around the left leg.
  3. Right thigh should be in front of the left thigh, right foot resting on the calf of the left leg.
  4. Bend elbows and bring them in front of the chest.
  5. Twist forearms around each other, with left elbow below.
  6. Palms should come together, resembling an eagle’s beak.
  7. Balance in this position, then slowly bend left knee and lower body.
  8. Keep back straight, bring elbows down to knees, and right big toe touches the floor.
  9. Maintain focus on the fixed point.
  10. Hold the pose, then raise the body and release arms and legs.
  11. Relax with eyes closed.
  12. Repeat with legs and arms opposite.


  • Breathe normally throughout the practice.


  • Practice up to 3 rounds on each side.


  • Physical: On maintaining balance while lowering and raising the body.
  • Spiritual: Focus on Mooladhara Chakra (root chakra).


  • Improves concentration.
  • Strengthens muscles and loosens joints of shoulders, arms, and legs.
  • Benefits the upper back.

Practice Note

  • Be mindful of maintaining balance and proper alignment during the pose.
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