Moordhasana (Crown-Based Pose)


Moordhasana, also known as Crown-Based Pose, is a yoga posture that involves standing erect with the feet around a meter apart. The pose is performed by bending forward from the hips and placing the hands in front of the feet, with the weight of the body evenly distributed and supported by the limbs.


  • Stage 1: In this stage, the practitioner places the crown of their head on the floor between the hands. The arms are raised, and one wrist is held behind the back for support.
  • Stage 2:This advanced stage involves raising the heels off the ground and balancing on the head, forming the final position. The practitioner holds this position for as long as comfortable.


  • Inhale while in the standing position.
  • Exhale as you bend forward.
  • Breathe normally while holding the pose.
  • Inhale while returning to the standing position.


  • Begin by practicing a few seconds and gradually extend the time to a minute over several weeks.
  • Practice up to 3 rounds.


  •  Physical awareness of the sensation at the crown of the head, neck, and spine, balance, and breath.
  • Spiritual awareness on sahasrara chakra (crown chakra).


  • At the end of a yoga session, before shavasana (corpse pose), and followed by tadasana (mountain pose) as a recommended counterpose.


This pose should not be practiced by individuals with the following conditions:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart conditions
  • Inflammation of the ear
  • Weak eye capillaries or severe near-sightedness
  • Issues with the pituitary or thyroid glands
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Cerebral or other thrombosis
  • Severe asthma
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cold or sinusitis
  • Excessive impure blood
  • Slipped disc
  • Weak spine or vertigo


  • Helps in cases of low blood pressure
  • Balances the nervous system
  • Strengthens neck muscles
  • Increases blood flow to the brain
  • Serves as a preliminary pose for Sirsasana (Headstand), preparing the brain and neck for increased blood flow and weight support.
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